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Bathroom Installation in Oxford

Things You need to know about bathroom and kitchen renovations

An average kitchen or bathroom in a house will last a few decades before being desperately in need of renovations and repairs. It has been observed that home owners plan home renovations every ten years after the initial 30 years until which the kitchen sinks and pipes stay perfectly fine. Bathrooms are also similar in that they began coming apart at joints after a few decades. The only way to put them back in order is by renovating them. There are some important things that you might benefit by knowing before hiring a kitchen designer.

A kitchen designer who can do more than kitchens

These days there is a big demand for professionals who can multi task. A kitchen designer, these days will have additional skills to take care of bathroom installations, garage conversions, loft conversions as well making simple bathroom designs and some even have wide networks to get you bathroom supply and accessories should you choose to buy from them.

If you have more than the kitchen to worry about, you should look for someone who has past experience of working on kitchen renovations as well as with bathrooms and kitchens. What this will do is keep your expenses under control and let you manage things better. A single person working on a single project also makes it simpler for the owner to track changes and follow up with the progress closely. Finally, is always better to have someone trustworthy than find a bunch of different people to work on different facets of the renovation.

Working Around an Existing Design Vs. Designing From Ground Up

Your kitchen may be in a very bad state require complete redesigning, similarly you may decide to keep the basic design unchanged and add new features around it or add something extra to the existing kitchen, in either case you will need the professional help of a kitchen designer. It is apparent that the kitchen designer will charge more for a completely new design compared to when you have a few things to redesign.

Moreover, if you want the designer to work on a bathroom design besides the kitchen, the charges will be higher.

Discuss charges and services with your designer before putting them on the job.

Buying bathroom supplies

If you want to keep everything the way they were, you need not worry much about buying them again, however, if your designer has suggested new features, you will have to look for places to find the supplies at good prices.

Supplies depend a lot on the bathroom installation. A simple bathroom design will require fewer supplies compared to an intricate and complex design. Hence, have the final design ready before purchasing bathroom supply. Buying online can save a lot of money, but the downside is that you will have to buy blindly without physically checking things.